About Buzz


Buzz is an independent producer, writer, arranger, & keyboardist with over 40 years in the music industry. He appears on more than 150 CDs as performer or producer.(2 received platinum certification) 

His career took off in the early 80s when he met legendary musician Curtis Mayfield. He was asked to tour with him as keyboardist and became Curtis’s musical director. They forged a close bond, both musical and personal until his untimely death in 1999. 

Buzz then formed Amatones Music where he continued producing independently for various artists. In 2010, he was given the opportunity to score the horror cult classic film Babysitter Massacre. Since that 1st film he has scored 5 other feature length films as well as dozens of independent short films. 

In the midst of this schedule he managed to maintained a twice a year touring schedule to such places as Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Indonesia and many more. However, in 2020, the pandemic put an end o touring. 

It was at that time Buzz concentrated on his newest CD, Muse Café. The 11 song collection features music inspired by each of the Greek Muses and showcases his writing, arranging, production as well as his keyboard skills. It is due out Nov 18 2022 on Blue Canoe Records. https://orcd.co/qjra6no

Buzz continues writing and producing for various artists as well as composing music for independent film.

Also visit Amatones Music