2022 Summer

The wait is over! It is in the final stages! Yes, I'm talking about my long awaited CD Muse Cafe! All recording has been completed and mixing will begin at Studiomagic with Trammell Starks at the helm! This has been a long road in terms of completing this project. A lot of fantastic musicians have lent their talents to the recording. I can't wait for you all to hear it! Stay tuned for updates and release dates on Blue Canoe Records.

2021 and Covid

It has been a challenging year for most of us but things are finally starting to look up. Over the past year there have been no tours, very little remote studio work and no film work. There are still no tours on the horizon in 2021 but things are starting to open up and move along albeit slowly. Let's hope it continues on this path.

Like most, I needed a new outlet during all the craziness. I found it in Twitch and airing interviews with prominent musicians, producers, industry pros etc. I will turn it into a podcast later this year Buzz, Words and Music. Stop by one Thursday night @8pm EST and see what it's all about. I'll keep you posted when it turns into a podcast.

I have been making excellent progress on my  CD Muse Cafe during the pandemic. I am hopeful for a 4th quarter 2021 or early 2022 release. I have been working on this for what seems forever. Come to think of it...is has been forever!! I will keep you posted as it progresses.

Not much else to report at the moment. Hopefully things will continue to improve and we can all get back to living again.




2020 and the CoVid 19 Virus

Wow! Has it been a crazy year so far or what? I have a 2020 day planner for sale if anyone's interested. Hardly been used! Things were rolling along and then we slammed into a wall and all of a sudden everything is upside down. Virus, massive unemployment, social unrest. Welcome to America. Hopefully, we are going to come out on the other side only slightly scarred and maybe even see some much needed transformation.

Throughout all this I have been concentrating on writing more and getting back in touch with the piano as an instrument as well as a tool for composition. Along the way, I have continued to teach and do the occasional online recording session. I am hoping that in the very near future studios will be able to reopen and musicians can work together in the same room again.

I sincerely hope you are taking care of yourself and others. We NEED each other more than ever right now. Let's hope that the next update is filled with new and exciting projects! 





Happy New Year! 2020

I'm sorry I've been a bit negligent in keeping up with the latest news. Things have been moving hard and fast here.

The R&B group the Three Degrees had a 9 week tour in the UK. They wanted to scale the band down a bit (1 keys instead of 2) so I was tasked with recording all the parts that the band were no longer able to cover. This was a huge undertaking from recording to mix. It consumed my entire summer.

Immediately following that gig, I had 2 films to score that premiered in Athens at the Gonzoriffic Underground Movie Show. It's always a blast creatively scoring a film and even more of a thrill seeing it and listening to it on the big screen!

One of the film I've scored for is actually a trilogy called Bad Girl Dracula. I will be releasing some of the music for a CD so stay tuned!

 Also, music I did a couple of years ago for a TV show was finally released on Amazon. It's titled Boggy Creek- The Bigfoot Series. If you have Prime check it out. I share credit with Todd The Fox. He does all the swampy music and I do the rest.

The remainder of the year holds some teaching and some miscellaneous arranging for a couple of artists. Time to recharge the creative batteries.

I hope everyone has Happy Holidays and I look forward to seeing what's in store for 2020!

Latest Happenings


Sept-Dec 2018 

I realize it's been a minute but 2018 started with me having to look for a new studio/home. My landlady decided to try and sell her condo and thus precipitated a move on my part. I was given ample me to look for a new place and not have to rush but moves are very stressful as most of you know. My cat G and I are settled in and we've been working away. Well one of us has. G mostly eats and sleeps. 

So the year has been rolling by and we are now into the final stretch. I'll be closing the year with a bang it appears. I just finished the music for a documentary film about Bigfoot called Boggy Creek. I'll keep you posted on release dates. 

Two other film scores are in the making. I am doing the sequel to Bad Girl Dracula and another film that is headed to Sundance that I can't name as yet. I love film scoring and hope 2019 brings more. 

In Nov, I will be doing the fall Japan tour playing Osaka and Tokyo with the possibility of 2 shows being added in Beijing China! Fingers crossed on the latter as I've never been to China. 

Progress on my new CD Muse Cafe is moving along. I was really hoping to have it finished this year but alas that is not going to happen. Between the move and outside projects I'm going to have to shoot for 2019. 

That' going to wrap it up for me for now. Feel free to contact me and or check back here for updates. I promise to do better!


May-June 2017

It's been awhile on the latest news front. 2016 ended big with a  tour that took me to Tokyo, Sapporo, Jakarta, Hong Kong and Singapore. Great shows and tons of fun. Returning after the first of the year I was looking to take a nice relaxing break before diving back in. Well you know what they say about plans. I ended up in the hospital and needed triple bypass surgery! Bad arteries it seems. After being released, I took a solid month off to get over the initial recovery. I began again by (drum roll please) working on MY CD!! I've made some great progress and I am hoping it continues.

 Also, I have finally finished the Steve Murrell record! No release date has been set as yet but everything has been mixed and it sounds really good if I do say so myself. It's a very different record from any I've done before. I can't wait for you all to hear it.

A new movie score is on the horizon. This one will be in the horror genre once again. I can't wait!

OK, back to work on my record while I have the time. I'll check in soon. Enjoy springtime!



Nov-Dec 2016  

Well, it's been a fairly quite summer, I've mostly been spending time teaching and in the process, have been learning and re-learning concepts in both theory and composition. I am expecting more from myself from here on out!  

Nov 15th I am off to Philadelphia to play the Marion Anderson Awards. This year's recipients will be the legendary songwriters/production team of Gamble&Huff. These gentleman are responsible for hit records by The Stylistics, The O'jays, The Three Degrees, Billy Paul, Lou Rawls and countless others Also being honoured is the one and only Patti Labelle! This promises to be a great ceremony and I am proud to be a part of it!  

In December it's off to Japan however with a twist. 3 shows have been added in Jakarta, Indonesia. This will be a fist for me in visiting this country and i am stoked! AND if that weren't enough, I am headed to Singapore for New Year's Eve! Lots of flyer miles await me!  

Because of the tour I will be suspending my teaching the month of December. I plan to spend what little time I am home (Xmas week) with friends and extended family.  

I mentioned a movie last quarter (Nothing Good Ever Happens) but the film hasn't completed the editing process as yet. I am hoping this project kicks off my new year. I have been told to prepare for another horror movie next year and am excited about that!  

Happy holidays to everyone and let's keep making music!





June-August 2016

Summer is once again upon us and that means a Japan tour is on the horizon. This year, it is happening mid June which is a little earlier but it's because we've added more dates than usual.

Sometime shortly after returning from Japan, I will start working on the film Nothing Good Ever Happens. After his success with both Making Out and Calamity Jane's Revenge Henrique is back at it again. I always look forward to his films and being able to be creative and push myself.

In between tours and the films I have been working on a jazz vocal recording. I still can not tell you much more than that just yet but my good friend Bob Thompson and his ensemble play a prominent role. Look for a possible Sept release at which time I will announce the artist! hahahaha

The Steve Murrell record is STILL in production. This record has an amazing history. We are getting VERY close however. Great songwriting that spans Rock, Americana, and often times psychedelic. This has been an extremely interesting project for me combining so many different musical elements yet managing to keep it cohesive.

Enjoy your summer and check back often for updates. Also, be sure to check out my other website dedicated to my piano, production, theory, composition teaching. 


Jan-March 2016

It may be winter but things are still pretty warm around here! Three records that I worked on have either been released or in the process of being released. The Bob Thompson CD I produced, "Look Beyond The Rain" is out on the Blue Canoe label and is available at all major digital retail outlets. Pick up a copy and give your ears a treat!

The new Kidd Star record is complete and just waiting on some last minute details before being released. Look for it this quarter. More news to follow on this one.

The much anticipated new Three Degrees record has been completed and will be release n March through British label Cherry Red Records. This album is a tribute to all the great Philadelphia songs and artists! I had an amazing time doing this recording. Live strings, horns, killer rhythm section and of course the lovely ladies who sang their asses off for you on this one. 

I completed the new film "Making Out" by director Henrique Couto. It was my first romantic comedy and I had a ball doing this one. Look for an early Feb release.

Sept-Dec 2015

Summer is winding down, but it's not cooling off in the music world one bit! If anything, it's getting hotter. After last autumn's tracking on the "mystery" project that involved Bob Thompson, he and I decided it was time to do a new recording together. We did 4 CDs for Capitol/EMI in the 90s but after the last project we worked together, we realised just how much fun we have making music together. His rhythm section of John Ingram and Timothy Courts will be augmented with saxophonist extraordinaire Doug Payne. I will be tracking the CD in Bob's hometown of Charleston West Va.

As soon as tracking is done on the aforementioned project a new Three Degrees record starts! This will be a Philadelphia tribute record paying homage to the Philly sound and to Gamble & Huff who defined that sound. Yonrico Scott of Derek Trucks and Royal Southern Brotherhood fame will hold down the drum chair. My old band mate with Curtis Mayfield and Lenny Kravitz alumni Lebron Scot will have the bass duties. Philly guitarist David Garner on guitar along with the immensely talented Tom Gross on piano, Hammond and Rhodes. This is an exciting project that I am looking forward to diving into.

The Steve Murell project is still going on as is the "mystery" project I've been working on. Hopefully these will wrap within 1st quarter 2016. 

Filming has almost wrapped on the movie Making Out which I will be doing the score for. I absolutely love doing film scores!

December should bring about another Japan tour albeit a short one this time out. I love going there and meeting the fans and playing music to such an appreciative audience.

If there is anytime left at the end of the year I hope to make some progress on my 2nd CD. It's been way too long in the making!

June-Aug 2015

As of this writing, it;s the unofficial start of summer but things have already begun to heat up on this end. I just completed the opening theme for a western film entitled Calamity Jane's Revenge. It was my first foray into "cowboy" music themes and I think I hit on a winner. I can't wait till I'm allowed to post this theme.

Calamity Jane's Revenge IMDB

The Steve Murrell album is coming along. Tracking vocals a day or two a week and then we shall be ready to mix. It has been a very long process for this record but the artist wants to take his time and really flesh out all the material intently.

My "secret" project has been flowing smoothly. Tracking vocals and adding overdubs. Some really great players have lent their time and talents to this record so far including Grammy winners Yonrico Scott and Mace Hibbard as well as Joe Grandsen and the vocal group Kyrie. Due to the artist tour schedule however, we will have to put the record on hold through the summer, but it's getting close. Stay tuned for updates.

As  Bob Thompson and I were reunited for the aforementioned project we both realised how much we missed making records together. We had a string of 4 and they went so smoothly it hardly felt like work. Well we are going to continue the tradition and make another record together! I am excited and honoured to be a part of Bob's next album. Looks like mid August it will happen. This time I will be travelling to W VA to record in Bob's hometown!

It looks like early August will kick off a Japan tour once again. It's a short tour but it will be great to see all the fans and friends once again.

Well, that's the wrap up for now. Check back soon and feel free to contact me if you have anything you'd like to share or just have a question or two.

Happy summer,

Jan-Mar 2015

Happy new year! I hope everyone had a great end of 2014 and 2015 is treating you well. Lots going on here. 3 records are in the process of being completed. I am in overdub stages on the "secret" project I mentioned featuring pianist Bob Thompson. I am so proud of where this record is going. You all are going to love it!

I'm in the early stages of vocal overdubs on the Steve Murrell project. This is my first rock record and I couldn't be happier how it's turning out! Many textures and colours. Steve is a brilliant songwriter and i's been great fun bring his lyrics to life in the music.

There will be the usual 2 tours n Japan again this year along with a few nights in Belgium! I don't often get to play live so I really look forward to these trips.

More film scoring on the horizon as well. This is always my favourite!!

Well, that's how my year is shaping up so far. I hope you each have a happy and productive new year!!

Sept-Dec 2014

What a year this has turned out to be! Film work, music production, sessions and teaching have kept me very busy! That's a good thing right?

I am really excited about the next project on the books. My good friend and superb jazz pianist, Bob Thompson and I (along with his trio) will reunite after over 15 years to make some magic happen for a "secret" client I have. I wish I could share more on this, but know that it will be a more traditionally rooted jazz record with some twists and turns along the way.

Last years film, A Bulldog For Christmas gets released this holiday season and even has European rights with a showing in London! How exciting!!

Over the summer I worked on a film entitled Awkward Thanksgiving. It's another Henrique Couto film and I am very pleased with our working relationship! Apparently HULU and Redbox were as well and will be picking this one up

The summer tour in Japan started late this year (late Aug) which means the winter tour will come that much sooner. I'm anticipating a late Nov early Dec schedule.More on the dates as they unfold.

Recording of the Steve Murrell Project continues making progress. We are shooting for a 2015 1st quarter wrap on this.

Also, Kiddstar along with Rat Bastardz are working on a new project. This will be under Kidd's name but feature Rat Bastardz in the form of production, writing/arranging and live performance

Spring Quarter 2014 (April-June)

Spring has sprung as they say! The quarter kicked off with the Portland Trailblazers adopting Rah, It's Gametime as their team theme song. From there, CBS ESPN and FOX all requested a license for the song as well!

Work has been continuing on Buzz's "Muse Cafe" CD. Appearing will be many artists that Buzz has worked with through the years. Lots of special guest appearances and plenty of groove. A 1st quarter 2015 release date is on the horizon.

Editing for Awkward Thanksgiving has been completed and will be ready for scoring soon. Look for this and A Bulldog For Christmas, both due out over the holiday season this year!

The Rat Bastardz have been hard at work preparing yet another single release due out in June. Stay tuned for more details on how to get it.

Women of Substance Radio really embraced Someday, Someday by Rta Bastardz ft Alexis M. La Salle. It was their feature on What's On My iPod show and has been leading the pack on both their Pop and EDM charts for 2 months running now!

Someday, Someday...Rat Bastardz ft Alexis M. La Salle

Winter Quarter 2014 (Jan-Mar)

It's been a busy 1st quarter and we are excited to see many different projects begin to blossom. March 04 saw Rat Bastardz debut release with the single Someday, Someday ft Alexis M. La Salle. The single may be heard here and purchased at iTunes, Amazon, Beatport and other digital outlets.

Someday, Someday... Rat Bastardz ft Alexis M. La Salle

A new film score project is in the planning stages for a Thanksgiving comedy entitled, what else?, Awkward Thanksgiving. Shooting has wrapped and the score will begin very soon. Buzz is taking an unique approach to the score for this film that you won't want to miss out on. Stay tuned for more info!

With the success of the film Babysitter Massacre, a soundtrack is in the works featuring much of the score If you didn't catch the film, the score will most assuredly pique your interest.

Babysitter Massacre


Christmas Everywhere